Joining Lancaster Cohousing

Could cohousing be for you?

Joining a cohousing community is to join a community of people with an intention to live collaboratively, and to share space, time and many resources. It’s a big decision - a bit like getting married! There can be great rewards, but it’s not all roses. Do explore your expectations of living in community and check them out.

Some questions to ask yourself:

And some more searching questions:

Community networker & group process consultant Laird Schaub lists a set of cooperative skills which he suggests are necessary for living with diverse people in community settings, and we recommend that you consider whether you have these skills. You can see this list here along with two more added by ourselves and a link to Laird’s blog about these issues.

After considering these questions, if you think that Lancaster Cohousing may be for you, read the following sections and the information on the rest of the site. Do some research about cohousing, and read the links at the end of the section on Cohousing as a way of living.

Then book on a tour, start to get to know us and check out your assumptions by talking to the residents!