Welcome to Lancaster Cohousing

Our multi award winning eco cohousing community at Forgebank consists of private homes, community facilities, workshops/offices/studios and shared outdoor space. We are around 65 adults and 15 children. We eat some meals together, make our decisions by consensus, and enjoy meeting our neighbours in our lovely pedestrianised street and Common House. Our cosy and comfortable homes meet Passivhaus and Code for Sustainable Homes (level 6) standards, and we benefit from renewable technologies (solar, biomass and hydroelectricity). Living at Forgebank also enables us to live a lower impact lifestyle in many ways e.g. through our travel plan and car club, cooperative food store, shared meals and other shared resources.

Homes for sale or rent

There’s an opportunity to join the community whenever a home becomes available for sale or rent. Follow this link to consider what it would mean to join a community, and this link to see what homes are currently for sale or rent.

Are you interested in buying to rent to others, or in developing shared ownership? Please email join@lancastercohousing.org.uk to discuss possibilities.

Children and families

What’s it like for families with children living at Forgebank? Watch the film (link below) which features many of our children and parents. Info about raising children at Forgebank, local schools, activities etc. is here. 


You can book our tours on Eventbrite here.  They are 2-4pm (unless specified otherwise) and include refreshments and the chance to chat with residents in our lovely Common House.  The future dates are     

The tours include our experience of creating and living in cohousing, the homes for sale, some technical details about the Passivhaus homes, the communal facilities, and the renewable technologies.

Integration weekends        

This is an opportunity for people who have already been on a tour and who are interested in coming to live here, to get a realistic picture of what it's like so you can make a well-informed decision. You can join in with activities and get to know us in a way that is friendly, fun, hard-work, and practical, and see for yourselves how things work. We encourage you to talk to as many members as possible and ask questions to get a sense of our very different perspectives.

Next one is the weekend of Saturday 25th January 2020. To book one or more places for a weekend, please complete the form here, or, to find out more before you apply, email join@lancastercohousing.org.uk.

Mailing list        

If you'd like to receive either our general news (approximately quarterly), or specific updates about renting or buying availability, please fill in this form.

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