Joining Lancaster Cohousing

Homes currently available for sale or rent

Buying or renting  a home in Lancaster Cohousing is a little different from buying or renting a home in an ordinary street. As well as negotiating with the home owner (details below), you also need to decide whether you are prepared to be an active part of the community, and apply to join.

If there is not currently a home to buy or rent to meet your needs, but you would like to stay in touch in case one comes up in the future, please contact our Membership Team and ask about our waiting pool. You may also like to check availability in other cohousing projects in the UK on the UK Cohousing Network website here.

Of the 41 Lancaster Cohousing homes, 35 are leasehold and six are freehold. They have different membership requirements:

Homes for sale        

Note on house prices: Cohousing and passiv eco homes normally sell for more than equivalent, more conventional, homes because of the added value of the facilities that come with them. It is notoriously difficult to put a figure on this added value, but, to give you some idea, you can compare local house prices on the Right Move page for previous sales in Halton.

Homes for rent

There are no homes currently for rent, but we would be very interested to hear from people who want to rent, in case any of the homes currently for sale may be bought by people who wish to rent them out.

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