These are answers to frequently asked questions relating to user accounts. If you have a question not answered here please email Miles or Jo and they will answer it and maybe add it to the list.

What if I can't create my account?

Call or email Miles or Jo. If you are happy for them to know your password then they can register on your behalf. If not they can talk you through what you need to do.

What if I've created an account but forgotten my password?

Email Miles; he will reset the system so you can register again.

Can children of members create an account?

Yes, they can, in exactly the same way as their parents do. They should use the same email address and PIN as their parents use to register.

Do I have to stick to the email I gave when I registered?

No, you don't. Once you have registered you can change it to different address. The same goes for all of your contact details.

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